StingRay Sport Products is a winter sports accessory and lifestyle brand. StingRay Sport Products are designed by people with passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors, even when the temperatures are a cozy -30º. As avid winter sports enthusiasts, we develop and test our products in the same environment that we play in. We are confident in our products and we know they will perform to your highest standards and we are committed to your satisfaction.

Created by StingRay Sport Products, the StingRay is an innovative solution to a common problem facing skiers, snowboarders and other winter sport enthusiasts; a problem that the makers of the StingRay call the “Goggle Snap”. The Goggle Snap is what happens when you place your goggles on the brow of your helmet only to have them creep upwards until they snap off the back, hanging out of easy reach and leaving your expensive goggles vulnerable to scratches, melted snow pooling inside the lens and possibly even being lost.

Now, thanks to the StingRay, reaching up only to find your goggles are no longer there is a thing of the past. The small, triangular-shaped StingRay easily attaches to your helmet where it acts as a stopper to prevent your goggles from moving any further back. It uses a unique adhesive strip that not only works with any helmet, but will hold the StingRay securely in place in wet weather and in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit! See the StingRay in action below!