Snow Skiing with The StingRay

There is nothing quite like skiing effortlessly down a snow-covered slope, feeling the wind in your face and watching the beautiful scenery rush by. To me,  it’s a feeling of absolute freedom, all the way down the mountain.

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Like all skiers, I understand the importance of having the proper equipment, and one of the most essential pieces are the goggles. A proper pair of goggles not only work to keep the wind and snow out of your eyes, they also provide protection from the damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun, as well as tree branches, twigs and other hazards. In addition, goggles help with visibility, and shading you from the morning sun and reducing the afternoon glare off the snow.

le the goggles definitely do their job on the way down, it is that time between runs and on the way back up that they really bother me. Like many, it’s easier and more convenient just to lift the goggles off my eyes, raise them up and let them rest on the brow of my helmet. Unfortunately though, they never seem to stay there. Instead they slowly start to inch up the curve of the helmet until they quickly snap off, dangling off the back of my helmet! Sound familiar?  If so, you have got to check out the StingRay!

About the StingRay

Created by StingRay Sport Products, the StingRay is an innovative solution to a common problem facing skiers, snowboarders and other winter sport enthusiasts;  a problem that the makers of the StingRay call the “Goggle Snap”. The Goggle Snap is what happens when you place your goggles on the brow of your helmet only to have them creep upwards until they snap off the back, hanging out of easy reach and leaving your expensive goggles vulnerable to scratches, melted snow pooling inside the lens and possibly even being lost.

Now, thanks to the StingRay, reaching up only to find your goggles are no longer there is a thing of the past. The small, triangular-shaped StingRay easily attaches to your helmet where it acts as a stopper to prevent your goggles from moving any further back. It uses a uniqu4 stingray googles holdere adhesive strip that not only works with any helmet, but will hold the StingRay securely in place in wet weather and in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit! See the StingRay in action below!

Installing the StingRay

Attaching the StingRay to your helmet is simple and fast, and does not require any special tools or measuring. You begin by wiping down the bridge of your helmet with a bit of rubbing alcohol in order to ensure the very best adhesion. Once finished, place your goggles on the helmet as you would in between runs. Next, remove the protective backing from the StingRay and place it on the helmet (at the bridge of the goggles), but do not press down quite yet. Make any adjustments to the positioning you may need, and then, once you are sure you have it exactly where you want it, press down firmly for about 10 to 20 seconds. That’s it!

The makers of the StingRay estimate that it will stay in place for the industry life of your helmet, about 2 to 5 years. If for some reason you want to remove the StingRay, you can peel it off beginning from the tail and moving towards the front. Then, if there is any adhesive left, you can remove it with an adhesive remover.

Purchasing the StingRay

Say goodbye to the ‘Goggle Snap’ and get your StingRay before you head out to hit the slopes! For less than $15 you can order your Stingray in either black, blue or grey directly from the website, or on or on StingRay’s website.